Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Z Minus 50 Days

Guess what? The title of the blog entry says it all. Conservative estimate. 50 Days. I have one more chapter to write and then the epilogue which is quarter of a chapter at best to wrap it all up. 

I want to spend 3 full weeks on the re-read and final editing - and its done. I finished. It actually happened. My first novel will be completed and uploaded onto KDP for the world to see. 120,000 words. Then straight on to number two in the series.

It's the 1am starts 5 days a week that has done it. Sure I have to go to bed by 7pm each night but it hasn't been too bad. It has given me 5 to 6 hours each morning (before the children start the days of the thousand daddy's), plus my full day on Saturdays and I have smashed through the last chapters. I am really happy with the results.

Another amazing turn for me was the use of — get this — writing chapter plans and scenes in long hand. I know, can you believe it? Me. Keyboard boy. Of course I have to block print everything because otherwise I can't read my own hand writing (it starts looking like a MD's prescription after about three lines) but I have been able to do it. And its worked! Hah!

Z Minus 50 days. It's on. I'll give you an update when I have done the final draft.

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