Monday, 5 November 2012

Social media - tool or a trap?

After I published my first book, I investigated several ways of marketing it. One of the first suggestions I was given was social media. I was never a Facebook fan, and I didn't want to begin. So I turned to do other sources. I began to sign myself up on to writers forums, Twitter and Google+. I immediately found a number of people willing to share their circles with me. I instantly became part of a writing community.

I spent a week there. Watching. Reading. What were the writers, who were just like me, talking about? Very little actually. Mostly I found collection of anecdotes, new asinine discoveries from various strange parts of the Internet or just general postings regarding trivial activities in their lives. You could spend hours, trying to find some gem, some insight, but I don't think that it is worth it. Not for what I am trying to achieve.

From what I have seen with social media, it's nothing but a massive distraction. It's a kind of vanilla voyeurism. As bad and addictive as an online computer game; you know the type, the ones that destroy lives. Or maybe like some inane reality television show people rush home to and avoid talking to their family to watch.

You know it's funny because in my book the rulers of the world use distraction to keep people away from the path of self discovery. They use distraction in all different forms, be it religion, politics, sex or the media. It's a great illusion to keep people from finding their true potential. From actualising their dreams and ambitions. To become who they really wanted to be, if they just focused.

So, once again, I return to the advice that holds true in my mind; write as much as you can. Quality comes from quantity. The more you're write, the better you get, and the more inclined people would be to read your work because you provide choice and people see that you have experience.

I can't be distracted. I have too much that I need to do. So that I can be, who I want to be.

Social media, is a trap. A trap of distraction. And it's not for me.