Friday, 31 August 2012

Z Minus 11 days

So it looks like that I am still on track for the timing of the release date of the novel. I know I said it was going to be early in September, but editing is just taking time. My research into various self editing techniques has led me to a great concept that I have been using.

Reading backwards.

No, not sdrawkcab gnidaeR literally.

By starting from the end of each chapter and reading the paragraphs in reverse order, I have found it stops me getting absorbed with the continuity of the story. It is enough to be able to then focus on the more technical aspects of the prose. And - it really works. That, and reading out aloud.

Of course, my wife still finds silly mistakes that only staggers the mind how I could have missed them. It is point in case why self-editing is never not enough for the indie writer who wants to stand out as professional. You have to have another pair of discerning eyes reviewing your work.

Anyway. Less than two weeks to go..... woo hoo.


  1. Happy editing ... or not so happy editing, as we all know how much editing sucks. Perhaps it'd be better to say not to awful editing?

  2. It's amazing how long it takes. I have read this thing so many times and I'm still finding errors. Just little things, like like repeated words. Sometimes, I find the odd double period.. Of course, spelling mistakes should be practically impossible but sometimes their are misuses of words.

    Small things, but enough to annoy the discerning reader who has paid good money for a professional production. I'm planning on releasing one novel every four months, and have figured that 25% of that time has to be spent on the edit and polish. Oh what fun.

    By the way, you are the first person to comment. :) It has made my day.