Sunday, 7 October 2012


It is inevitable. You cannot please everyone, nor should you want to.

The Elemental Cloudy is a story about a young man who hunts demons (though I have termed them the Ethrane). These demons are malignant and vile creatures and they feed on the life force energy of humans. The Ethrane have servants on the Earth that entice them into the world through blood sacrifice.

There are scenes in the novel that some readers may consider offensive. That was my specific intention. I make no apologies for that. The imagery portrayed is written in such a way as to build emotion in the reader to ‘feel’ what Cloudy felt when he was witnessing such atrocities. Utter contempt and aversion towards the beasts that rise from the foul dominion. I felt the need to create a realistic motivation for Cloudy. I could not think of a better motivation that would drive me to become ... what he becomes.

In general, what is offensive is purely subjective. Used in context, we see it daily throughout our lives to bring attention to that which we do not normally think about; or want to think about.  

This series of novels in The Final Insurrection does not dwell on the terrible things done by the demons, but on the characters that resist their influence. The war against the Ethrane is nasty business. They are not ‘fluffy bunnies’, and neither are the people who fight against them.

I just thought you might want to be aware of that. 

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