Thursday, 2 August 2012

Z minus 41 days

I have just commissioned an artist to begin work on the cover of the novel. A very talented young man who's work I discovered on the Deviant Art website. It's a site where artist are able to showcase their abilities and pimp their considerable talents to those that can find them. Don't you love the international community that is the internet. I mean, who would have thought I would engage an artist from —Finland! Twenty years ago, improbable. Yesterday, a few clicks, some emails, a transfer of funds and its on.

You must be getting excited. I know I am. So close now.

My wife (doing a PhD in Literature) has commenced her final run through and I expect edits to continue over the coming few weeks. It's important that it is polished. As a debut novelist, publishing on the Amazon Kindle store and trying to be noticed among the thousands of others, I can't allow simple errors to get through. It has to be professional and free from any distractions.

Is their anythng more annoying then sloppy i editing?

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