Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I have returned

Well, I'm back. Sorry we haven't spoken for some time, but I didn't really have much to say. I had a whole bunch of life stuff to take care of. Nothing really interesting, just — life stuff. Christmas, new routine with the little girl now in pre-school, family staying etc. I actually have three days to myself every week, but you know it never really works out that way does it. I still have to take care of the domestics and the school runs for the kiddly-winks. I can see why writers lock themselves away in isolation for several months to produce work. It's the immersion, I am sure of it. Total focus and zero distractions. Perhaps it's why writers are mostly eccentric or become socially awkward (and half mad).

I am well into writing book two — "Cloudy Days". 15,000 words; about three chapters. I spent months planning the story out. Making it tight, answering more questions, but raising others. You have to do that when you're writing a series. Keep the interest, and introducing more hooks.

"The Elemental Cloudy" has had only good responses and feedback so far. I just wish I could get it in the hands on more people. The long game takes patience. Just write more books, that's the only thing I can really keep doing.

If you are still out there, I'll keep you posted.

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