Monday, 8 October 2012

Destinations of the Imaginaut

Imagin•aut    [Im-ahg-in-oort]

- an adventurer who travels to the inner realms of one’s own thoughts and dreams or the like.

In the process of world building for a story, you must become an Imaginaut. You explore the wild creations and vivid imagery created within your own mind. It is limitless and has no boundaries or constraints. Anything is possible.

You stop to admire the flowing forms in the perceived reality of the ultra-world. With a whim it changes, it adapts, it morphs into the shape molded by desire. Then, you solidify what feels right.

Yes, that is what I want it to be. That is the way is must be for this to work.

The fuzzy sketch becomes outline and from its conception, foundation is born; a sturdy place to build upon. More ideas flow, which add color and detail to the construct. Suddenly all the senses become entertained. New sounds are heard, strange texture felt and exotic tastes tantalized... and soon after that, emotion follows.

The world manifests and it becomes real.

As an adventurer, the Imaginaut explores the new world; astonished at the breathtaking beauty and wonder of the detailed creation. However, like all great things that stand tall in the brightest light, there are shadows. The Imaginaut perceives the darkness and feels compelled to investigate. How deep can the can darkness go? How far do we dare venture into these places?

We know what we encounter it is NOT real. It is only imagination. It is only thought, explored.

The question for the Imaginaut is - Do you risk bringing back what you have seen? 

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