Friday, 28 September 2012

School Holidays and the grinding halt

The final read through is progressing at an agonizingly slow pace. School holidays has not made things any easier. Back to the days of the thousand "Daddy's".

The process of writing this novel has taught me many things and hopefully the next novel will be far more efficient in its production. This final phase has been very hard indeed. But, as they say, the wisdom of hindsight allows for reflection and change.

All the Indy author blogs I lurk around all say that beyond all other forms of marketing, the best is to just keep writing good novels. They also say you have to have regular installments for your fans/readers. Three or four a year, they say. Keep them coming or you will get forgotten.

I'm sure they would also agree that the first novel was also the most difficult, but once you develop a good production system, your efficiency can increase and those levels of outputs become achievable. That's what I'm hoping anyway. What I do know, I won't ever make the same mistakes. Just new ones :)

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